What Size Air Conditioner Fits Best In Your House?

The weather outside sure is frightful—snow is on the ground, frigid winds are constantly blowing, and the temperatures continue to fall to an excessively low temperature. There’s no denying that we are in the midst of a brutal winter.

Because of this, it may seem hard to believe that the warm and refreshing spring and summer months are just around the corner. Before you know it, you’ll be putting away your winter clothing, skis, and ice skates, and replacing them with your swimsuits, kayaks, and barbecue pits. It makes us warmer just thinking about it.

But while you’re switching out your wardrobe to match the season, there’s another component to preparing for the heat that can’t be ignored: your home’s air conditioning. Now is the time to confirm that you not only have a properly working system, but the right system for your home.

When it comes to air conditioners, one size certainly does not fit all. While that can be applied in the criteria of temperature control and the size of your hall, that can also be applied as a literal definition; one size air conditioner for one home might not be the best size air conditioner for another home. Here are a two quick and essential ways you can determine what size air conditioner fits best in your house:

Determine your Climate Area
In order to make sure your home is properly cooled during the warm months, you need to understand what zone you live in, and that zone is entirely determined by climate. Take a look at this awesome picture from our friends at ASM Air Conditioning. People in states such as Wisconsin and Minnesota for example, are in the coldest part of the country, defined as Zone 5. However, the states of Florida and most of Texas are in Zone 1, which is the warmest parts of the country.

Incorporate your Square Footage
Now that you have defined your zone based the included photo, now is the time to calculate the square footage of your home. You’ll simply correspond your square footage with the zone you live in on the corresponding chart above—that will immediately tell you what size air conditioner will work best for your home

While every winter day this season is filled with chilly winds and bitter temperatures, the spring and summer months will be here before we know it. That’s why we need to ensure our homes are properly prepared for the warm seasons ahead. Making sure your home has the proper air conditioner, both in terms of size and capabilities, is the easiest way to ensure you will comfortably get through the coming seasons of heat and humidity. For more information about how you can select the correct air conditioning, look no further than your expert team at Bourke’s Service Company, where we provide comfort you can count on. Call us today at 815-729-2244 or email vincebourke@hotmail.com.