Keep Ducts In A Row With Our Heating Tips

Although it is not yet cold outside, in just a few short months it will be. And while cold weather often brings beautiful pictures outside, the scene inside can be not-so-pretty if your heating system isn’t up to par. 

If you want to keep your heating system going strong throughout the winter, one of the best things you can do is familiarize yourself with signs that indicate it’s having a problem, making it easier to fix issues before they can cause too much damage to the system. Here’s a look at some of the most common heating problems to watch for this fall:

Replace old air filters. This is one of the best ways to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of your heating system. Throw out the old air filters, replacing the air filters with new ones. Dirty /clogged filters make your heating system work hard, reducing its efficiency and costing you more on your utility bills. Replacing filters once every three months is a good rule of thumb to ensure and maximize the HVAC system performance. 

Lower the thermostat. The average household can save approximately two percent per month on their winter utility bills for every degree the thermostat is lowered. On a monthly basis, this may not seem like much but cumulatively, it adds up. Also, consider lowering your thermostat further when your house is vacant. Invest in a programmable thermostat. They may cost more upfront, but they usually pay for themselves in just one season. 

Clean your gutters. Over time, leaves and debris left in gutters over winter can clog drains, causing ice dams, leading to your drainage systems not working properly. Water leaks into your home and raises your energy bills. Save yourself the hassle of repairing water damage later by cleaning out your drains and gutters now. 

Unblock Heating Vents. Remove furniture or other items from around your heating vents to ensure evenly distributed airflow. Blocked vents can also lead to overheating of the furnace and endanger your home. Uncovered vents will allow heated air to get out and disperse evenly throughout the house. 

Schedule a Maintenance Call an Annual Basis. Along with reliability and peace of mind, an annual checkup will add to your homes energy efficiency, prevent carbon monoxide leaks, and contribute to furnace longevity. 

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