Humidifier Products & Services

At Bourke's Service Co. Heating & Cooling, we specialize in offering humidifier products and services, including Aprilaire Humidifiers. Aprilaire products regulate the amount of humidity in the air to prevent the growth of mold; they also remove allergens and irritants from air circulating in your home to create optimal air quality.
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We sell high efficient air cleaners and air filters made by Aprilaire. Our Joliet HVAC company has an inventory of humidifiers for homes, commercial buildings, and industrial spaces. We have units for one room or the entire building. All of our humidifiers are energy efficient and prevent the side effects of dry air and poor indoor air quality.
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Our professionals also provide humidifier service for any unit, whether we installed it or not. This includes troubleshooting and digital reprogramming to ensure your humidifier is working properly.
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We also install humidifiers, including Aprilaire units and a wide variety of other humidifiers. Bourke’s can place special orders if needed. From the minute you call or stop in our location and throughout the process, our staff provides outstanding service to ensure you are completely satisfied with your product and comfortable in your home or business.
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Repair & Maintenance

We also repair humidifiers from any manufacturer, whether we installed them or not, ensuring that the unit works properly. We can make any repair, minor or major, and have the replacement parts available in our inventory. We also provide maintenance services, including cleaning, lubrication of interior parts, and inspections.