Optimal Air Quality: The Benefits Of A Home Humidifier

When we think of winter, many of us envision curling up in front of a fireplace, with a cozy blanket holding a cup of hot toddy. Dry air, sinus infections, static air charging at us are not factors when day dreamin of a cozy winter day. Yet many of us suffer from unbearably dry skin, chapped lips, static electricity, allergies, and sinus infections. One way to rid ourselves of not only nuisances but serious health problems, would be to consider a home humidifier.

A whole-house humidifier operates with a hygrometer. A hygrometer measures the humidity level, humidifying rooms as the furnace warms it, dispersing to every room through duct work. The whole-house it adds moisture only when it is needed and limits the level of humidity to the setting you select.

Some other benefits of using a home humidifier:

Less Dry Air. Low humidity means air is dried out, causing cracked lips, irritated skin, and even nosebleeds. The whole house humidifier cuts down on the dry air, making us feel more comfortable.

Improved Skin Conditions. Certain skin diseases like eczema and dermatitis are caused by dry skin. These are not the garden variety “irritated dry skin” conditions, but conditions that need medical attention and often a doctors prescription. A home humidifier can control and alleviate some of these conditions.

Improved Respiratory Conditions. Mucus membranes defends our bodies from germs and virus. Low humidity drys out the mucus membranes, reducing our bodies ability to fight off illnesses. Humidifiers can reduce asthma symptoms by clearing mucus out of the airways. The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) recommends humidifiers for the treatment of sinusitis, because the steamed air helps relieve nasal congestion.

Low Maintenance. If you have ever had to clean out several bedroom humidifiers at once, you will appreciate the low maintenance aspect of a whole house humidifier. Once or twice a year the unit will need a clean, not daily.

Fewer Electric Shocks. Let’s face it, not even your pets like static electricity shock. It is hard to avoid the shocks, especially in the winter. You can thank the dry air for that. Using a humidifier will great reduce these small lightning bolts.

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