Got A Tax Return? Replace Your Furnace!


It is very tempting to use that tax return for something fun! Something you can really enjoy, like a vacation, new outdoor furniture, an upgrade of your car. But next winter when we’re back in sub-zero temperatures and the furnace goes out, you will thank yourself for choosing furnace repair! At a minimum, have your home heating and home air conditioners looked at to be sure that they are operating at maximum efficiency. At Bourke’s Service Co., we are here for you and want you to be getting maximum efficiency out of your entire HVAC system, including your home heating, home cooling, and Aprailaire Humidifiers.

1. How do you know if you need a new furnace?
Your furnace should last roughly 20-years. If you are near the 15-20 year mark and are having repeated issues, it’s probably time to throw in the towel. A good rule of thumb is, if your repair costs will be more than one-third of the cost of a replacement furnace, it makes sense to buy a new one. Your furnace may be working just fine, but it is probably not working at its maximum efficiency.

2. Different rooms are different temperatures.
Old furnaces can be very inefficient resulting in varying temperatures in different rooms. This is usually the combination of an old furnace and an old, outdated duct system. Together, they cause your system to have the inability to evenly distribute heat throughout your home. Time for a new furnace and probably new ductwork.

3. Is your residential furnace system keeping you up at night?
Is annoying rattling, banging, popping, humming or even screeching noises keeping you up at night? There are parts of your furnace that are worn out and need to be replaced, or it may just be time for a whole new furnace. These noises are due to loose ductwork, sheet metal, loose screws or a deteriorating belt in your HVAC service. It can also be an improperly balanced motor or a failing inducer motor or blower fan.

4. Have your utility bills been higher this past winter?
Just what makes those heating bills rise? Well, the old furnaces and water heaters need to work harder. They are not as efficient as they age. If your utility bills are rising, it goes without saying that you are probably in for more frequent repairs as well. Long-term, the amount of money you will save from the efficiency of a new heating unit, will make the purchase well worth your while.

I don’t know about in your household, but it seems like everything tends to go at once – the roof, the dishwasher, air conditioners, and the washing machine! Be prepared ahead of time and have one of your major expenditures taken care of. Call Bourke’s Service Co. to schedule your appointment now at 815-729-2244 or email Vince at