How To Stay Cool This Summer


With the summer season just around the corner, one thing is certain; the weather outside is about to get frightful. No, we’re not talking about constant snow storms and freezing temperatures endless blizzards and frigid temperatures-those days are still thankfully a long way away. Instead, the weather will be frightful when the temperatures and humidity rise.

While there is plenty to enjoy about the summer season ahead, no one could argue that there are times when the constant presence of sunshine gets uncomfortable. But there are ways to enjoy these upcoming warm months both indoors and outdoors. Let’s focus on indoor summer enjoyment for a moment. The obvious answer on how to stay comfortable in your home this season is to turn on your air conditioner. But are you sure your air conditioner is properly prepared to face the season ahead? Here are a few strategies that will keep you cool this summer, with and without the assistance of your air conditioner.

Pay Attention to Your Thermostat
The US Department of Energy suggests thermostats should be set to 78-degrees in the summer for maximum energy efficiency. This allows your air conditioner to still run occasionally and dehumidify the air and prevent mold problems.

Turn On Your Ceiling Fans
During the summer season, adjust your fans to turn counterclockwise. This will push cool air toward the ground and create a refreshing breeze during those torturous and humid summer days.

Schedule Landscaping Services
Believe it or not, what goes on outside your home can have a big impact on what goes on inside your home this summer. Strategic landscaping of your lawn can create large areas of shade both on your lawn and in the rooms of your home. Consider planting large trees and shrubs that will not only enhance the curb appeal of your home but will keep the temperature throughout the space cool for this and future summers.

June is in full swing, with its warm days and frequent sunshine. That’s why we need to ensure our homes are properly prepared for these warm months approaching. Following these tips, and making sure your home has the proper air conditioner, is the easiest way to ensure you will comfortably get through the coming seasons of heat and humidity.

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